Here's How Ideas Blossom Into Reality —
With Golfers As The Beneficiaries

Creating a new concept is like watching history unfold. I thought you might find the history of the T-ease of interest.

Playing golf in May 2011, I noticed that a friend’s hands seemed a little unsteady as he was putting a ball on a wooden tee. He was leaning over for what seemed like an eternity and finally needed two hands to keep it from falling off the tee. I could feel his frustration and embarrassment, so to spare his feelings I just looked away and made small talk with our other partners.

Within days after our game, I went to golf equipment stores to see if there was a solution to his problem. I only found two possibilities. The first was a brush of upright plastic strips on which the ball sat. The second was a commercial tee used by golf driving ranges, which consisted of a rubber tube on a rubber base. I assumed there had to be something better and went to golf specialty stores, but only found the same two designs. Out of desperation, I bought a set of the rubber tubes and gave them to my friend until I could find something better.

I thought "This is stupid, it can’t be that hard," so I searched the Internet for a tee that would accommodate anyone who wanted a quicker and easier tee up. Most importantly, it had to be simple. Turns out, nothing is simple.

Relying on my engineering background, I set about developing (inventing) such an item. I bought some modeling clay and began to make a few sample designs which I felt could work. Once I established the feasibility, I choose the designs which offered the following advantages:

  • larger/more stable ball resting area
  • lower ball friction than standard wooden tee
  • reusable and inexpensive
  • easy to carry and use

At a craft store I bought supplies to make a prototype, which turned into three prototypes by the time the day was done. I settled on two designs which showed the most promise and had specifications drafted. Detailed drawings were sent to selected USA rubber manufacturing companies to get quotes. Finally settling on one of the designs, I had hundreds of samples made which were sent to individuals and golf pros throughout the country. At the same time, I started a US patent submission.

As the samples trickled through the golf world, the responses I received were favorable and somewhat enlightening. We found that many golfers, young and old, men and women, shared the same frustration and were looking for a quicker and easier way to tee up a ball. Based on user comments and input from golf pros, I revised and simplified the design into the T-ease product we offer today. We placed a large production order in preparation for an initial release in the Spring.

Naturally, after we showed we were willing to deal with this problem and resolve it, we received many requests for other items. There appears to be a number of things which hinder the enjoyment of sport. We decided to dedicate our efforts to remove the stress and frustrations wherever possible. I have more items in the works, so please browse our web site to learn more about our products or contact us with any questions or comments.

By the way, my friend loves the new T-ease and I hope you will, too.

John J. Giovanni, Owner/President